Two Halves Make a Whole!

My mom ran two half marathons this year – the Chinatown Firecracker Run in February and the Laguna Hills Half Marathon in May. Of course, as her wonderful, loving son, I went to support her and take photos. 😉

I don’t think she’s in this one… she started toward the back.

Here she is in Laguna Hills.


Kathy and I went up to Malibu to check out a potential wedding site one weekend. We’re glad we did, because it was a lot smaller than it looked in the pictures. Not wanting to waste the trip, we headed down to the beach to take some pictures by the pier. Update: we actually did end up getting married at this site a few years later.

As I was figuring out poses and lighting this guy came up to us and offered to take our picture. I refused at first, but as he started talking it became apparent that he was a professional photographer.

So I gave him my camera and let him pose us. The pictures turned out great!

Afterward, I took a few more of Kathy on the other side of the pier. I’m pretty happy with how those turned out, too.

Go Karting

For our friend’s birthday we went to K1 Speed in Carlsbad. I was racing, but another friend took some awesome pictures.

Towards the end of the race, I got a lucky break — the birthday girl (whom I had been trailing for ten laps) got stuck behind someone who had spun out, so I ended up taking first.

It’s a puzzle!