August Birthdays

For my birthday, Kathy arranged for a bunch of us to have dinner in Alhambra. At first, I was thinking: Alhambra isn’t really known for lively nightlife, is it? I hadn’t been there in years, but I was pleasantly surprised.

We went to a place called Cuban Bistro. The food was really good — we need to go back soon. They’re apparently known for their mojitos, so of course we had to try them. 😉

A couple of my friends have birthdays in August too. For one of them, we went to the Stone Brewery Beer Festival. Despite beer not really being my thing, I had a great time. Even Kathy had fun, and she likes beer even less than I do.

For another friend’s birthday, we went to Moles la Tía in LA on the recommendation of a friend who calls himself the “Mole Ambassador.” 🙂 If he likes the food, it would be an exercise in redundancy for me to try and describe how good it was.