Fallbrook Wedding

Two of our friends got married in Fallbrook. Despite being the Best Man, with Kathy’s help I was able to play unofficial photographer, too.

The day before the wedding, we had the rehearsal. A friend was supposed to blow the conch shell, but because it was cold, it came out sounding like someone who can’t play the trombone.

After the rehearsal was the rehearsal dinner. Our table got kind of… erm… loud. Let’s just say that the red wine was really good. And I don’t normally drink wine.

On the morning of big day, there was still a lot of stuff to do. But first things first — the groom needed coffee, so we went to Pannikin and got breakfast.

We also bought a few extra muffins for later. Then we went home, finished preparing things for the ceremony, and headed off to the wedding site. We didn’t want to risk the groom seeing the bride before the ceremony, so we put a bag over his head (“It’s for your own good — you don’t want bad luck, do you?”) while he called to confirm that the coast was clear (i.e., the bride was safely in her dressing room).

Meanwhile, Kathy had been following the girls around and got some nice getting-ready pictures of the bride.

Right before leaving the dressing rooms, the bride and groom reached out and held hands. Even though it may not look like it in the picture, they weren’t able to see each other when they did this.

One last picture and we’re off!

We didn’t take too many pictures during the ceremony — actually, I didn’t take any, since I was in the ceremony. Kathy took this one of the crowd when the bride made her entrance:

After the ceremony, the groomsmen had to get our cameras for a photo. We are all into photography, so we had our picture taken with the bride as if we were photographing her. How meta. (The picture of us was taken on the photograper’s camera, so it’s not on this site.) While I had my camera anyway, I took a few photos.

Remember those extra muffins we bought at Pannikin? They came in handy; the bride was starving! (And the couple doesn’t get to eat at dinner anyway, right?)

Kathy took some photos of the tables at the reception before I got there. They were really nicely decorated.

Here are the newlyweds acting oh-so-mature at dinner.

The rest of the evening consisted of the customary cake cutting, cake eating (mmm… red velvet cake…), photos, dancing, car decorating, and the groom carrying his new bride over the threshold.

Needless to say, I was exhausted after the weekend marathon, but it was a lot of fun.

Carlsbad Beach

A friend of mine was back in town for a wedding. We had a little extra time, so we hung out at the beach and took some photos.

I particularly like this one. In the past, I’ve tried to take photos to use as wallpapers but was always unhappy with the sharpness of the image or the amount of noise. This photo didn’t need any editing, and it’s sharp enough for me to use on my 24″ monitor.

This one is kind of neat, too. I had some trouble finding the composition I wanted, but I think I managed to capture it here.