Wedding Venue Search: Los Angeles

A few weeks after our Orange County venue search, we met up with Shannon again. This time, she showed us some sites in Malibu. The first site was Cypress Sea Cove.


The site was beautiful — the lawn was perfectly kept and there was an ocean view, but there was no parking and the driveway was quite steep. Guests would have to park elsewhere and take a shuttle.

Kathy was excited to see the next site, Rancho del Cielo. The pictures from other weddings there were amazing. As the name implies (Ranch in the Sky), the site is way up in the Malibu hills and overlooks the ocean. There was a beautiful upstairs loft in the house that would be used as the bride’s “getting ready” room, and the people who met us there were very nice and showed us around both inside and out. Unfortunately, it was the off-season, so the garden wasn’t as pretty as it would be during the summer wedding season.


Access to the site was an issue — it required driving up the mountain on a narrow unpaved dirt road. Guests would have to park down the hill and have a shuttle take them up.

The next site was also up in the hills. It was a privately owned mansion with a beautiful view.

IMG_2400 - Version 2

The owner was very gracious and showed us around — if we rented the site, we would have had full run of the house, the back yard, and the garage. It was a very neat location, especially because of the owner’s art and decor.

Finally, we re-visited the Adamson House, the site that we had visited on our own back in May.

IMG_9357 - Version 2

Last time when we we had gone ourselves, we had deemed the site too small because all we saw was this lawn.


This time, by a stroke of luck, there were volunteers giving tours. One of the volunteers was knowledgeable about the weddings they held at the site, and showed us that the site was a lot bigger than we originally thought. There was a different lawn on the other side of the house that people typically use for the ceremony.


Shannon also assured us we could fit the reception on the other lawn (the one with the beach view).

On the ride back, we knew we had found our venue. It has everything that we want for a wedding location — a romantic setting, green grass, and a beach view. Good thing we went back for a second look!

In the interest of helping future wedding venue seekers, we should mention that the Adamson House is not without its flaws. There is a parking lot, but it’s for the state beach, so guests are not allowed to park there. Guests have to park elsewhere and take a shuttle to the site. The house itself is off-limits for weddings, and portable restrooms have to be rented. Finally, there is only a small room for the bride next to the pool, so the wedding party must arrive dressed. But despite its flaws, the Adamson house is the perfect location for us.