Kathy’s Cousin

We went to get dim sum with Kathy’s cousin. He’s normally kind of shy, but today he didn’t mind the camera at all. Maybe it was the sunglasses.


As more of our friends start getting married, I’ve been looking more closely at wedding photography. Last September I covered my cousin’s wedding, but I hadn’t done an engagement session yet. Meanwhile, Kathy had been browsing for photographers for our own wedding, and she found this great location for outdoor engagement photos.

The flowers are only in bloom this time of year, so they would be gone by the summer. Since I didn’t know a couple that needed engagement photos right now, I asked some of our (recently) married friends to come out and model for us. Yes, that means it’s not technically an engagement session. But they’re very much in love, and that’s what we’re really trying to capture, right?

Thanks for coming out, guys! I hope you enjoy the photos.