My “Prom Dress”

A bit of background on me as the bride: I am very indecisive when it comes to clothes shopping. That’s why I can never go shopping for myself with Jon! Unlike other girls, I did not grow up dreaming about my wedding day — what flowers I will be holding, my groom at the end of the aisle, or if I will be wearing little glass slippers. Instead, my brother and I used couch cushions and pillows to create our imaginary fort in the living room.

Even though I am excited to get married, I couldn’t imagine myself in a wedding dress. I started my research by looking in magazines, boutiques, designer websites, and department stores to get some ideas. A friend told me that the best way to know what I want is to just try on dresses, so that’s what I did.

I wanted to try on dresses with my mom, grandmothers, and close friends, but my busy school schedule would make it difficult for everyone to reserve a couple days just for wedding dress shopping. Given the speed I shop, it would probably require a couple weekends! With a budget in mind, I spent the next two months going to wedding boutiques in between classes. I must have tried on about 50 dresses! In the end, I made a list of my favorite dresses and arranged a day for the girls to help me pick the final one.

As I went through my list, the comments I got helped me narrow down The One.

Best quote of the day: “Your mom said you looked like a mummy.”┬áROFL!

My mom also sketched some of the wedding dresses I tried on:

10 - dress01

Five hours after we started, I got the response I was looking for:

“It reminds me of a prom dress – but nicer.”

I can’t reveal too many details about the dress because the groom might read this blog post. All I can say is, I LOVE it! To top it off with sprinkles, I ended up buying the sample dress at a reduced price! =)