Settling Catan

Hanging out at a friend’s place playing Settlers of Catan. Despite what the pictures might imply, the goal of the game is not to stack your pieces into little towers.

Turntable Project

My friend has been working on building a turntable at my place. He needs a photo dataset of 360° views of cars for his image recognition research, and the quickest/cheapest way to get the dataset he wants is to create it himself. We had a couple of different ideas, like rigging a microcontroller to a motor to stop the turntable at various positions, but the cheap motor we’re using doesn’t stop precisely enough. So our next idea was to use my 5D and capture video at 30fps, then just run the turntable continuously (and slowly). As part of the project, we also built a cheap lightbox.

Conquered My Childhood Fear

I am not a fan of needles, so I try to avoid it as much as I can. From a health perspective, I have learned to tolerate needles when getting vaccines or blood tests. I have always wanted to wear earrings (not clip-ons), but I never liked to idea of having a needle so close to my head, especially when I can’t see what’s going on! Since ear piercings are more of a cosmetic issue, I have been putting this off for quite some time.

I admit, this is a silly thing to be scared of. I have had friends reassure me that the procedure is quick and describe the pain as a “bee sting” or “having someone pinch you really hard.” I even had a patient say that an anesthetic eye drop hurts more! (After having my eyes dilated so many times at school to practice, the anesthetic eye drop really doesn’t hurt that much anymore.) I wanted to wear earrings on my wedding day, so with Angela’s help, I finally made the plunge.

10 - earpiercing02

I finally got my ears pierced!