My Dress Is Too Big

I purchased a sample wedding dress which is 10 sizes too big for me. My mom suggested that she and Auntie Anne can help alter my dress – my mom was once a seamstress and Auntie Anne is an experienced professional. My mom and I showed my dress to Auntie Anne, and she happily agreed to lead the project!

It was fascinating to see Auntie Anne deconstruct my wedding dress – it has so many complex layers and details! She explained to me the role of each individual piece of the dress and how it was arranged together to create the final look. She also said the intricate patterns on my dress were all hand stitched – I thought it was just produced from a machine! This experience just makes me in awe of my aunt’s talent and also appreciate my wedding dress so much more.

Since the wedding is still far away, we are slowly taking our time to alter the dress.

1st step: Tailor the dress to the correct height.

I’m just too short for the dress. We measured my height with wedding shoes on, detached all the bottom pieces of the dress, and cut off the excess fabric.

10 - alteration01

Next step: Put the pieces back together again.