Thanksgiving dinner at my grandpa’s house. My cousin had the camera most of the time.

You Had Us At “Canon”

“Canon or Nikon?”

We knew we had found our photographer when she said “Canon”.

They say that you should find one thing to splurge on when planning a wedding. For us, that one thing is a good photographer. We are a bit picky on choosing a photographer because Jon is a hobbyist photographer, and Kathy grew up around a family of photographers. We’ve done a lot of research on photographers, and we wanted someone who can capture our wedding day in an artistic and romantic light. We also wanted someone who will capture not only the special moments, but also the little details that we will include in the wedding.

We met with Adrienne this afternoon, and we are very excited to have her as our photographer. Adrienne is everything we want in a photographer… approachable and friendly, passionate about wedding photography, and very talented. Adrienne wanted to get to know us and asked us about our history, how we got engaged, and what we have planned for the wedding so far. She came in with two portfolio albums, answered all our questions, and gave us some great suggestions for our wedding since we just started planning. We really like that Adrienne was flexible and willing to work with us. We spent an hour and a half in a cafe, but it really felt like 30 minutes… who knew you can talk about wedding stuff for that long?

When we walked out of the cafe, the both of us had a big smile and a sigh of relief because we knew we found our photographer. We’re excited. =)