Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is twice as special for us because it is also the anniversary of when we started dating.

Ten years ago in 2001, Jon’s dad picked us up after school and dropped us off in old town Monrovia to watch Save The Last Dance. (Neither of us had our drivers’ license yet.) This year is even more special because it marks our 10th anniversary!

We try our best to celebrate the occasion each year. One year Kathy taped paper hearts all over Jon’s car. Another year Jon cooked a fantastic meal for Kathy. (Jon doesn’t cook, so it was a big deal.)

02 - valentines

By far, the best year was 2007 when Jon proposed!

IMG_0110 - Version 3

This year we spent the day in downtown LA picking our wedding rings!

IMG_8370 - Version 2

“Well I was crazy about you then

And now the craziest thing of all

Over 10 years have gone by

And you’re still mine

We’re locked in time”

— Jack Johnson —