Save-The-Dates and Invitations

Wedding invitations turned out to be a bigger project than we thought. Having them made professionally can be very costly, but the do-it-yourself route can be daunting — there are lots of choices when it comes to paper and printing depending on how fancy you want to get. And you have to assemble each of the invitations, too. To keep the paper invitations simple, we thought we’d try something a little unconventional.

From the beginning, Jon wanted to build our wedding web site from scratch instead of using one of those pre-built sites. When we started thinking about invitations, we took it a step further and made a custom version of the site for each invitation. We still made paper cards, but they only had the URL to the custom web site. The cards also had the date of the wedding, so they served as both save-the-dates and invitations.

Since each web site is custom, Jon built the RSVP system into the web site. Kathy learned SQL from this edu-Manga (educational comic book) so she could work on the guest list.

On a recommendation from our friend Karen, we bought the paper from Kelly Paper. The warehouse store was quite overwhelming! We had no idea there were so many different options for paper. We walked through aisle after aisle of paper in different colors, textures, and weights. Fortunately, we found colors that matched our color scheme perfectly.

Once we had the paper, Kathy had her bridesmaids come over to help assemble the cards. Here it is!

11 - project13

The whole thing turned out to be a multi-month-long project, but we are very happy with the results — we hope you like it too.

For reference, here is the “general” page: Can you tell the difference?