Change of Plans

How many 18 gallon boxes does it take to fit your life?
Between the two of us, the answer is 38 boxes.
We have had so many changes this summer – Jon switched jobs, Kathy graduated, and our sudden unexpected move to the San Francisco Bay Area. Since early summer, we have been busy moving out of our home in socal, finding a tenant, researching where to live in the Bay Area, driving around to find the right apartment, job hunting and interviewing for Kathy, learning how to take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit – a public transportation system), and booking flights back to LA for our wedding!

Yes, it is quite overwhelming. Yes, the blog is up to date – we have not been planning the wedding since early summer. And yes, the wedding is still on!

Married couples and psychologists have said that wedding planning is good practice for married life. We have had a pretty unconventional relationship, so starting “married life” first before the wedding is no exception. We want to thank everyone for being so supportive during this time! We are looking forward to going back to LA and celebrating our special day with you!