New Year’s

This year we spent New Year’s Eve at Andaz West Hollywood with friends. It was another fun-filled night! Rooftop pool, sunroom with views of the Sunset Strip, orange dog, drinks at the lounge, the newlywed game, dinner at the Wine Gallery, and glitter truffles were some highlights of the night. =)

I’m Pregnant!

I have been experiencing a few early pregnancy symptoms without realizing it — feeling tired more often and tender in some areas. After I missed my period, I couldn’t sleep one night and slipped out of the apartment to purchase a pregnancy test at Safeway… at 3am.  While this pregnancy test brand is supposedly 99% accurate, I took two pregnancy tests just to be sure. Sure enough, it was positive!

I decided to surprise Jon with the news. It would be his early Christmas present this year! I went to Babies “R” Us and purchased a baby pacifier that says “I love Daddy” and placed it in a gift bag along with the pregnancy test sticks. He was excited. 🙂

A few weeks later we saw the doctor for the first time. This was our first ultrasound:

The amnionic sac is seen as the circle at the very center. According to our doctor, the bottom left corner of the amnionic sac seems to be flickering and looks like a heart beat. It’s still too early to tell, so we will have another ultrasound in a few weeks to confirm. The doctor is guessing that we are about 5 weeks along. If so, our baby embryo is about the size of a sesame seed.

The first trimester is very crucial since there is a high chance of miscarriage during this time. While most couples make their pregnancy announcement at the end of the first trimester, we decided to tell our immediate family earlier. We want to tell our family in person, and we will be able to do so when we visit our families during the holidays. Our plan is to frame the ultrasound picture, and to present this to our mothers during family dinner. 🙂


We were excited to go back home for the holidays to visit friends and family. We were also just as excited to visit some of our socal food spots.


We went to Fatburger for lunch. Jon had the Fatburger with egg. I had the Veggie Burger.


And then went to Guppy for brick toast. =)