Dublin Car Show

A coworker invited me to the Dublin Car Show for a photo outing this weekend. The weather was hot and sunny, about 90°. I must have adjusted to the Bay Area climate, because I was dying in the heat. (Back in SoCal, 90° was a pretty normal day.)

Despite the heat, there were quite a few people there — enough to clutter most of my full-car shots. So I mostly took shots of details like emblems and wheels.

There was a bright yellow vintage Z there that was pretty interesting. Even though the car itself was old, most of the parts on it were new.

There were a lot of classic cars at the show. I have seen cars like these in movies and museums, but rarely up close.

BART Photo Outing

Ever since we moved to the Bay Area, I’ve been meaning to do a photo outing to a BART station. I happened to have Friday off, and the weather was nice, so it was a perfect opportunity.

The first five photos in the gallery are from the West Dublin/Pleasanton Station.

The rest are from Ashby Station. I like how the signage looks at West Dublin/Pleasanton and Asbhy Station. The white-on-black text in florescent lighting is utilitarian, yet aesthetically pleasing.

I love the lighting at Ashby because of the big windows on the side of the station. It gives the place an open, airy feel even though it’s (slightly) underground. Usually mixed lighting is really hard to white balance, but I didn’t have too much trouble this time.

This photo was more luck than planning — I was just waiting for the train to come when he stepped into my shot.

I wanted to get a crisp shot of the BART logo with the train door. It took some experimentation with open doors, closed doors, height, and distance, but I’m happy with how this one turned out. I see this sight almost every day, but it looks different when it’s presented like this.