Antique Fair

Kathy heard about an antique fair in Niles, a tiny little town near Fremont. We decided to go check it out.

One of the stores was selling an antique Ophthalmometer made out of cast iron and brass. It had a really cool steampunk look to it.

One of the stands was selling comics. I found a comic with a nice cover featuring Boba Fett for $3. It’ll make a nice display piece on my desk at the office.

Not everyone was selling antiques — some stands were selling food. It looked pretty good, but Kathy and I had just come from lunch, so we decided to pass.

Bowling Birthday Party

My nephew is turning six! Jon and I went to his bowling birthday party over the weekend. I was super impressed by his parents’ party planning skills — 3 bowling lanes with bumpers for the kids, handmade bowling medals, finger light party favors, pink lemonade and pizza for lunch, and “ninjago” cupcakes and “sushi” rice krispies treats for dessert.

Since we don’t have kids of our own to watch, we had plenty of time to take pictures. 😉

The bowling ball is a bit too heavy for my nephew to hold, so Jon is telling him to roll the ball as fast as he can.

Strike a pose!

Kids are too cute!