Week 10

I recently bought maternity pants, and they are the best thing ever! My little baby bump is getting bigger, so loosely fitting clothes feel so much more comfortable these days. I’m also trying to hide my growing bump at work behind my lab coat and by holding charts in front to cover my tummy.

2013-01-29 ultrasound

Our baby embryo has developed into a baby fetus now that the baby’s basic physiology has developed. Our baby is now the size of a kumquat, and this is the period when its tissues and organs will grow rapidly.

Symptoms: same as Week 7, but I’m learning to tolerate these symptoms better

Food cravings: mexican food (tamale, guacamole), mac n cheese, dark chocolate

Week 9

We had another ultrasound today! It was pretty amazing to see our baby embryo move for the first time! It’s arms were waving up and down as if it were saying “hi” to us!

2013-01-22 ultrasound

The picture shows a fuzzy image of the baby, mainly because our baby was moving around so much. We were able to see a big head, fast heartbeat, and two arms and two legs wiggling around. Our baby is too small (it is about the size of a grape) for me to feel its movements. For this, we will have to wait until about week 20 to feel movement.

Symptoms: fatigue, sore throat, loss of voice, difficulty swallowing, dry cough, chills, heavy breathing, shortness of breath, and mild fever (101F)

I have the flu. While I did get a flu vaccine 2 months ago, my immune system is probably running low due to the pregnancy. Per doctor’s orders, I’m taking Tamiflu to fight off this flu, and to prevent the more serious complication of pneumonia. For now, I’m resting at home and drinking lots of water. Jon got a flu vaccine 1.5 weeks ago, and so far he has not had any symptoms. ::cross fingers::

Food cravings: noodle soup! I had a craving for Bun Rieu and wide rice noodles. The restaurants that served these dishes were 30 minutes away, and it was well worth the drive! =)

noodlesoup1 noodlesoup2


Week 7

My waist size is expanding – my size 2, size 4, and size 6 pants don’t fit anymore. For now, I will be wearing dresses to work. I also purchased cocoa butter body lotion to hopefully prevent stretch marks.

I also started a food journal to keep track of my diet and to make sure I get the proper nutrients. I am extremely cautious of what I can and cannot eat during pregnancy. No papaya, no soft cheeses, no salads, no raw food, and no soft serve ice cream (including the vanilla-half-chocolate-shake at In-N-Out), and no caffeine. The smell of garlic makes me nauseous. =T

Our second ultrasound. Our baby (technically, still considered an embryo) is getting bigger and is now the size of a blueberry! The yolk sac is located on the top right corner. Our baby is growing!

Symptoms: more fatigue (I love naps!), lower back pain, shortness of breath, more dry mouth (I’ve been drinking a ton of water), and frequent trips to bathroom as a result. It’s also difficult for me to get things done at home since I’m physically exhausted at the end of a work day. At least my mind is still sharp – Jon says I’m a lot more feisty these days.

Due date: Aug 24!

Update 1/10/12: Blood tests and urine tests normal. So far, so good. 🙂