Week 26

We are approaching the 3rd trimester!

IMG_9747 - Version 2


What a difference 1 week makes.

Changes: back pain at the end of the night (purchased a maternity belt to help), feeling the weight of my baby bump, bending over hurts, increased shortness of breath when I walk uphill to work in SF, tired in the morning, dishwasher hands, pimples.

To my future child: the things I go through for you!!

Week 25

I am beginning to see the beauty and joys of being pregnant.

Sunshine moments:

  • Hearing my patients share their pregnancy stories and how having a child is so worth it.
  • “Hi little mama” – my morning greeting from the Hyatt hotel security guard. =)
  • Feeling my baby “kick” for the first time at Week 20 – it actually felt more like tapping.
  • Jon being able to feel our baby kick.

    “Is that it?”
    “No, that’s me breathing.”
    “Is THAT it?

We are excited to meet our baby in a few months! As new parents-to-be, there are a lot of unknowns. How are we suppose to take care of this baby? How can we raise a happy and independent child? And how can we best balance work and family life? For now, we are reading baby books and magazines for guidance.

Our reading list:

Baby 411 – by Denise Fields, Ari Brown

Brain Rules for Baby – by John Medina

The Happiest Baby on the Block – by Harvey Karp



There is a new life growing inside me! I am able to feel the baby kick more often… mostly when I am lying in bed at night, sitting during lunch/dinner, and while I am driving in the car. Jon is able to feel the baby more regularly now too – but only when the baby kicks really hard. We imagine our baby is moving around like a miniature boxer, and using my uterus wall as a punching bag!

Week 24

We are long overdue for an update! Over the past few months, we have been busy with Jon starting a new job, moving into our new home, and getting ready for our baby’s arrival. We still have a few more boxes to unpack…

IMG_8340 - Version 2

I am at my 2nd trimester of pregnancy (without complications, thankfully), and I have gained 20 lbs so far. My tummy is quite large! In fact, my coworkers are able to notice my growing baby bump each week! I have a lot of energy these days – so much that I sometimes don’t notice my baby bump… at least until I try to squeeze through small spaces and get stuck.


  • I am thirsty *all* the time. While waiting for our dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant (they serve food pretty quickly right after you order food), I consumed 3 glasses of water and also asked the waiter for more water refills.
  • I find myself naturally resting my hands on my baby bump when I’m walking – just like all the other pregnant women I see.
  • I need to sit down in the morning to put on my pants and socks. I seem to lose my balance when I try this standing up.
  • I miss my independence. I’m use to doing certain things myself, but I now need to change these habits due to my physical limitations. No lifting heavy objects, or jumping up to grab something from the top shelf, or taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator, or running along the streets in SF to catch the next train.

The good news is that I have encountered a lot of nice strangers at the grocery store to help me with my bags. =) I’ve gained a lot more patience – I am accepting that it just takes me longer to do things now, and I’m learning to take my time. I’m also avoiding the stairs like the plague and taking the escalators / elevators instead.