Week 30

I’m an outie!

I’ve been an innie all my life, but now my belly button popped out! This is because my growing baby and expanding uterus is pushing my belly button outward.

I’m now able to feel the baby kick, turn, roll, stretch around, and hiccup during the day. This happens mostly around 6am, 6pm and 9pm. If I stare at my belly long enough, I can eventually see my belly changing shape as the baby moves around.

Food cravings: King’s Hawaiian bread, almond jello

Week 29

June is a busy month for us. We recently took classes on childbirth preparation on what to expect during labor. Unfortunately, I walked out of the class with a few labor anxieties.

“For first time mothers, active labor lasts an average of 12 to 14 hours.” 

How will I get through this “most intense physical experience”? What will the “ring of fire” feel like? Can I really do this? 12-14 hours of this intense physical experience seems quite a long time. What if I have complications?

“Pregnant women who stay in shape will have shorter labors.”

For this reason, I am really motivated to stay active, even though I am feeling the weight of my growing baby. It seems like exercise = easier labor. I am walking as much as I can – from 30 to 70 minutes most days of the week.

Food cravings: Smoothies (Banana Berry & Apples ‘N Greens from Jamba Juice), Pad See Ew, Indian buffet items (tandoori chicken, lamb curry, sag paneer [spinach], kheer [rice pudding], mango lassi)

Health update: Glucose tolerance test completed – no diabetes!