Week 36

“Looks like you swallowed a watermelon!”

My belly is bigger, and my skin is very tight. I am starting to see some stretch marks. =T I feel like i don’t have anymore room left for the baby… how can I possibly get bigger at this stage?


  • swollen hands & feet with mild to moderate itchy sensation
  • my growing belly is getting quite heavy on my ankles (the baby is about 6 lbs now). I’m wearing a maternity belt to support my back, and I’m holding onto my belly when I walk to keep the weight off
  • i can feel the baby move around all the time. It’s a nice feeling to have, but it can get uncomfortable at times, especially when the baby is pushing against my ribcage and bladder!
  • restroom visits every 1-2 hours, which gets a bit inconvenient at work
  • sleeping on the couch feels more comfortable

Food cravings: crepes, macaroons, toasted white chocolate

Jon’s food cravings: vietnamese food, espresso


Week 35

My wonderful husband.

Jon has been very supportive. He has been letting me keep my independence during the pregnancy, but also knows when to step in to help (even when I don’t ask for help). Examples: cleaning up our ant infestation in the kitchen, taking out the trash, vacuuming, buying me a more efficient water bottle for work, and getting me fresh squeezed orange juice.

Since our baby will be arriving soon, we are getting more antsy. In fact, Jon is starting to develop nesting instincts – he has been cleaning and wanting to get the house ready for our new baby! I’m starting to clean up myself too.

Jon’s nesting instincts:

  • an overwhelming urge to reorganize the nursery closet at midnight
  • picking outfits for the baby
  • being excited over a pink body suit and kitty hat
  • picking the baby’s going-home-from-the-hospital outfit
  • wanting to install the infant carseat at 11pm
  • wanting to buy a newborn size doll to practice how to put our baby in a carseat

Jon’s other TODO list (before baby arrives):

  • driving his car on a racetrack (done)
  • playing TombRaider (done)
  • playing Last Of Us (started)
  • sleeping in (started… it’s becoming quite difficult to wake him up these days)

Jon’s food cravings: Italian food, burritos

Kathy’s food cravings: pizza, chocolate, and anything sweet (especially caramel wafers from Trader Joes, and black & white cookie from Specialty’s Bakery)

One more month to go!

Week 34

My new identity.

“The pregnant lady”


“That doctor with the big belly”


I have received different kinds of reactions from people. Most strangers will look at my belly first before making eye contact with me. My coworkers will look at my belly, squeal, and then extend their hands out to touch my belly. Mothers with young kids tell me to “hang in there” while parents with older kids share stories about their children when they were younger. Chinese grandmothers will say “congratulations” and then immediately ask “are you having a boy?”


  • swollen hands & feet due to the warm summer weather. I can’t wear my wedding ring these days. My feet feel numb sometimes when I walk. My doctor says the amount of swelling I have now is mild.
  • slower movements when getting out of the car or out of bed, when standing up, when walking. How much slower? Let’s just say that seniors are able to pass me on the street.
  • shortness of breath. I sound winded when I talk. Playing the flute is rather difficult.

Food cravings: Costco pizza, and anything sweet

Health update: Tetanus and Pertussis vaccine completed. Stretch marks are forming. =(