Week 40

Kathy was born two days after her mom was due, and I was born seven days after my mom was due, so I figured that our first child would be somewhere between two and seven days late. And I was right! Friday morning at 2:49am, Kathy gave birth to little baby Alison.

IMG_0296 - Version 2

She weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 oz. (The scale in the picture is showing kilograms.)

IMG_0388 - Version 2

Our family of two has just gotten a little bigger. 🙂

Week 39

IMG_0099 - Version 2

I am looking forward to:

  • feeling my baby’s mini fingers wrapped around mine
  • reading bedtime stories
  • building a sandcastle together – the three of us – on the beach

IMG_9924 - Version 2


  • I promise to show you love, compassion, and sincerity.
  • I promise to teach you to look at the world with curiosity, wonder, and joy.
  • I promise to give you wings to fly with confidence, self respect, and security.

Week 38

Embarrassing stories.

I usually like to eat my meals neatly, but I’ve been making quite a mess these days. Since I can’t sit as close to the dinner table because of my big belly, I tend to spill food over myself! Jon laughs whenever this happens. I’m not sure which is more embarrassing… watching me spill food on my tummy, or eating dinner with me as I drape a napkin over my belly.

Oh, and Jon tells me that I snore when I sleep now (I never did so before). And apparently I have been snoring since the beginning of my 2nd trimester! =O


  • same as Week 37 plus…
  • more difficulty walking – my legs feels like twigs attached to a bowling ball
  • difficulty getting out of bed – I feel like a turtle on its back
  • more fatigue – afternoon naps are helpful

Basically, I am very uncomfortable these days.

2 more weeks!