One month

Our adventures with baby Alison during her first month.

She stretches like this every time she wakes up.

IMG_0644 - Version 3

She likes car rides and picking up daddy after work.


She loves having nap time with daddy. Daddy loves it too.

20130924_213026 - Version 2

Longest consecutive hours of sleep we’ve had so far: 5 hours. We can’t complain.

She is starting to be able to lift up her head and keep it steady for a few seconds!

20130925_162149 - Version 2

Other milestones:

  • can focus and track moving objects in horizontal and slight vertical movements
  • can turn her head
  • has different sounding cries. Panting with one arm waving means: “I’m hungry”. Crying with a slight vibrato means: “Change my diaper”

Baby Photos

With Alison growing up so fast, we wanted to make sure we took some baby photos while she still looked like a newborn. It was a lot of work, but we managed to get a few good ones.



Hello world!

We’re in love!

IMG_0850 - Version 2

Her big round eyes, frequent smiles, and cooing have us entranced.

IMG_1271 - Version 2

She’s growing up so quickly!

IMG_1614 - Version 3

We’re having a lot of fun with this little one!