2 months

We are able to have somewhat of a two sided conversation with Alison! She stares at us intently when we talk. She also starts engaging in a conversation with us by cooing. Unfortunately, she likes to do this around 2am while we are trying to get her to go back to sleep.

She also smiles and starts having a conversation with herself in front of a mirror.

IMG_0933 - Version 2

She is able to hold her head up steadily during tummy time.


Another daddy and baby nap time picture. She is our own little alarm clock – and a very effective one at that! She even sucks daddy’s nose to wake him up sometimes.


Longest consecutive hours of sleep we’ve had so far: 6

Other milestones:

  • can focus and track moving objects in horizontal and vertical movements, as well as slight diagonal movements
  • stares intently at her mobile and starts dancing by wiggling her arms and legs
  • her communication method has evolved. Sticking out her tongue and making clicking noises now mean “I’m hungry”
  • likes storytime. Her favorite books are the Dr. Seuss books and a book about colors.
  • Kathy is starting to say “it’s for your own good”