3 months


We drove back home for Thanksgiving so Alison could meet family (especially her great grandparents) and friends.

Packing for Kathy and Jon: one carryon luggage.

Packing for Alison: clothes, diapers, wipes and cream, changing pad, bottles and pump, blanket, books, toys, playpen, car seat and stroller… enough to fill up our family car!

It was a busy few days, and we were happy to introduce our little one everyone. Jon and I were sick the week before our trip. Thankfully, Alison did not get sick at all.

Here is Alison with her paternal great grandfather.

IMG_4199 - Version 2

Here is Alison with her maternal great grandparents.

IMG_4556 - Version 2

Family picture

IMG_4657 - Version 2

Other milestones:

  • wiggles around more and is now able to arch her back
  • frequently grabs my hair and Jon’s glasses
  • stares at her fists during diaper changes
  • holds her hands together
  • starting to drool
  • cries when she wants to pee
  • likes to look at our toiletries in the bathroom
  • likes Eeoyre stuffed animal