4 months

Our little one is growing up!

She is very engaging! She smiles at us when we enter the room, has conversations (she makes cooing noises) with us in bed in the morning, and pants (takes deep short breaths) and pouts when she doesn’t like something. And of course, she cries and screams when she is angry or frustrated. It’s a great feeling to see her smile at you when you come home after a long day of work.

She is curious about everything! She is starting to grab things: her toys, her clothes, her mobile, daddy’s glasses, mommy’s hair. She also turns her head and body to see who is talking in the room.

She loves storytime and listening to daddy read — everything from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to The Cat in the Hat to Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy.

20131215_120102 - Version 2

During tummy time, she is able to hold her head up steady and starting to do mini pushups.

IMG_5104 - Version 2

We usually get a big smile from her when we send her flying.

IMG_5128 - Version 2

She is starting to enjoy bath time. At first we tried to bathe her in a baby tub, but she would scream the whole time. Now we get into the master bathroom tub with her. She never cries now — not even when we wash her hair. She even plays with her bath toys!

IMG_5487 - Version 2

Other milestones:

  • So. much. drool.
  • She is sucking on her thumb and index finger. Initially she tries to fit both hands in her mouth. Later she realizes that she can’t fit both hands in her mouth, so she then releases one hand.

“There are 3 languages I want you to learn: English, sarcasm, and python. “

-Auntie S 

Merry Christmas

Our first Christmas.

Alison likes to look at our Christmas tree. She even has cooing conversations with the penguin!

20131201_201845 - Version 2

Grandma gave Alison a cute dress to wear for the holidays.

IMG_5326 - Version 2

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

IMG_5396 - Version 2