5 months

There has been so much progress with Alison’s development this month! She knows her name and recognizes her own reflection in the mirror! She also knows that Jon and I are her parents. Jon and I are taking her out (to work, grocery shopping, aquarium store, afternoon walks at the park) to show her different environments. We are also making silly faces and sounds. =P

Jon took her to work. She was fascinated by the disco ball in the “nerd cave”.

20140110_183328 - Version 2

Having fun at mommy’s office.


Will I be taller than mommy one day?

IMG_5609 - Version 2

Here is a list of her accomplishments this month.


  • recognizes her name – she turns her head and makes eye contact when you call her name
  • “eh” means “what is this?”
  • understands that “nai nai” means milk
  • kicks when she likes something and/or when she gets excited
  • laughs / giggles – when we blow air on her feet, when playing with a plastic bag, when daddy makes funny noises. I also heard her laugh in her sleep one time.


  • stronger arms – does baby pushups, can pull herself forwards a few inches during tummy time
  • stronger legs – she can lift her legs upwards easily, and she kicks frequently
  • can grab her feet, grasp a toy (like Jon’s watch), reach for objects more swiftly and accurately
  • can flip over from her back to tummy!
  • can sit momentarily without support


  • eczema
  • separation anxiety – she will cry to keep us from leaving, even if it is to go to another room to grab something. She will also cry in her car seat because we are not holding her.
  • stranger anxiety – it takes her a while to warm up to someone new. But after a few minutes, she is all smiles and cooing =)