7 months

Baby Alison is mobile! She started with flipping over from back to tummy earlier this month, then she started rocking on her knees, then she began belly flopping or hopping like a frog, and now she is starting to crawl!

She smiles a lot, makes babbling sounds, and can sleep through the night. She can also sit up on her own and play by herself.


She is definitely a Daddy’s girl. Her first step towards language development is to say “da da da da da”. Jon had the biggest smile when he first heard her say those magical heart-melting sounds. =)

IMG_6808 - Version 2

Other milestones:

  • Jon is starting to say “patience is a virtue”
  • Increasing appetite. Now having breastmilk, formula, and pureed food in her diet.
  • Number of times she got sick so far this year: 5