8 months

Look who’s crawling all around the house!

IMG_7559 - Version 2

Spring is here, and we are spending more time outdoors.


And we always have sunscreen and a hat on when we are playing outside!

IMG_7492 - Version 2


  • Crawling and climbing… everything!
  • Watching mommy cook
  • Chicken carrot soup, apple cinnamon yogurt, kale, roasted pear and banana
  • Peekaboo game
  • Touching objects with her index finger… like ET
  • Dropping toys on the floor and watching us pick it up for her
  • Digging her thumbnail into her bottle… and our faces


  • Kiwi
  • Anyone wiping her mouth

Other milestones:

  • Can say the words: “na na na” for milk, “mama” and “dada” =)
  • We’ve even heard her say “Ma ma na na na” a few times!