9 months

Alison is pulling herself to standing position now! She can walk sideways while holding onto a ledge for support, and she can take a few steps forward while holding our hands, but she’s not ready to walk on her own just yet. One of her favorite things to do is to look out the window.

20140508_161100 - Version 2

She’s also climbing the stairs! She can make it all the way up to the top, but she doesn’t know how to get down. 🙂

20140507_140551 - Version 2

She’s not a huge fan of restaurants — especially dark ones. By the time we finish our meal, she’s usually bored and will start making lots of noise.

20140430_131932 - Version 2

Another milestone: first time on an airplane! She was awake for most of the (short) flight… right when the captain announced that we were starting our descent, she fell asleep.



  • Babbling with other babies
  • Taro shaved snow, frozen yogurt (plain tart or mango), any other adult food
  • Kale, carrot
  • Flopping backwards into bed
  • Holding our hand, especially when she’s sleepy


  • Restaurants, especially dark ones
  • Being dropped off at school (day care) on Monday mornings
  • The car seat (at least for the first few minutes — then she’s fine)
  • Sleeping alone