10 months

Many more “firsts” this month! Alison can stand on her own now. She can’t take steps on her own yet, so she usually just sits back down after a few seconds. She’s also become more vocal — she makes many different kinds of noises now.

Alison is eating more foods and in bigger pieces. For example, she can eat whole blueberries now. She even opens her mouth when we say “blueberry”! Daddy also feeds her Cheerios, slices of banana, and small pieces of bread. She doesn’t feed herself yet — if we give her food to hold she’ll just squeeze it instead of putting it in her mouth.

IMG_2035 - Version 2

She still likes to hold our hand (or arm) at bedtime. Some days she even sleeps in — something she picked up from Daddy, no doubt!

20140601_103811 - Version 2


  • Baby carrots (as a teething toy — nothing else works)
  • Grabbing onto an object and banging it like drumsticks
  • “Thumping” with one leg when taking a bottle or falling asleep
  • Staying up past her bedtime
  • Crawling over to you and pulling herself up to standing position using your leg, asking to be held
  • Crawling to the edge of the bed and sometimes falling off
  • Making arm fart noises (with your arm, not hers)
  • Knocking down Daddy’s block towers
  • Watching cars pass by
  • Swings and see-saws


We took a small vacation to Napa and stayed at an Airbnb host’s guest house on a vineyard. Alison is too young for wine tasting, so we spent the afternoon strolling through their vineyard.

IMG_8014 - Version 2

Our host also keeps chickens. Alison laughed and giggled when she saw the chickens eating corn!

Alison’s not walking yet, so she only has one pair of shoes. They’re from a wedding outfit she wore a few weeks ago. They can look a little out of place sometimes. We’ve tentatively titled this photo: “City girl meets Country”

IMG_7986 - Version 2

We took this family photo inside the guest house. Alison had fun crawling around the bed.

IMG_7917 - Version 2

Wine and cheese at the vineyard, fresh eggs for breakfast, and a trampoline made it a nice adult vacation too!