11 months

This month was quite an adventure for everyone.

Alison had her first cat fight at school. Score – Alison: 0, Other baby: 1. She came home with a scratch on her nose. Maybe we should enroll her in Aikido or Jujutsu classes for babies?

Jon was busy with work for a few weeks, so he worked long days and late nights. Alison was able to tell that he was MIA, and she acted out and just wanted to be held/hugged all the time. Her behavior returned to normal after Jon gave her his undivided attention for a day.



Alison can now climb up and down the stairs. She also has teeth! 2 bottom teeth, and they are sharp!

IMG_2099 - Version 2

This month also included July 4th. We didn’t watch the fireworks because they’re after Alison’s bed time, but we did get her some glow sticks to play with in the spirit of the holiday.

IMG_8448 - Version 2


  • Putting her hands on her head, especially during dinner time
  • Looking in the mirror when Mommy does her hair up like a troll after bath time