1st Birthday

Guess who’s ONE! We celebrated Alison’s first birthday with a pink giraffe-themed party (Alison’s favorite color and animal).

1st bday sign

A Chinese tradition is the birthday grab game — that the first item Alison grabs on her first birthday may be an indication of her future career. We placed the computer mouse (tech) and thermometer (medicine) in the middle, but Alison ended up reaching for the golf ball (athlete).

IMG_9110 - Version 2

Jon did a second round where he placed various tech books out. She reached for the book representing mobile engineer. I guess Jon should learn Swift so he can teach Alison…

IMG_9125 - Version 2

Kathy made some traditional foods: red eggs and long life noodles. She also made mini cupcakes, jungle juice (pink lemonade), and Jumanji juice (for grownups only).

IMG_9048 - Version 2

We had little safari animal-themed boxes of jelly beans and runts as party favors.

IMG_9337 - Version 2

Instead of a cake, Kathy made Alison a jumbo cupcake. We took some cake smashing photos for fun.

IMG_9661 - Version 2

Happy birthday, Alison!

IMG_9391 - Version 2

12 months

With Alison’s progress this month, we are starting to see her more as a toddler than as a baby. But Kathy still likes to call her “baby.”

Alison successfully transitioned from our family bed to her own bed in her room! She still holds our hand to fall asleep.

IMG_8922 - Version 2

She is no longer using baby bottles — she now drinks from a straw.


Almost a year ago, we were anticipating Alison’s arrival. We had no idea how much our lives would change for the better.

On a more silly note, this is how our lives have actually changed this past year:

  • We eat cold dinners. Our meals are served warm, but since we usually feed Alison first, our food becomes cold by the time we get to it.
  • Poop and sleep habits become the topics of conversation.
  • It is difficult for us to finish a simple task… or even keep track of things.
  • We talk in high pitched voices at home.
  • We have hair loss… because Alison is literally pulling our hair out.
  • We find dried baby food on our pants and shoulders.
  • We frequently find baby snot in our hair and shoulders.


  • Peek-a-boo (she initiates the game)
  • Touching fingers like ET
  • Daddy singing “Oh, Mr. Sun” song
  • Her slinky
  • Flipping through board books
  • Points to ABC letters on the wall
  • Play copy cat
  • Smoothies, cheerios


  • Her green bib
  • Drinking plain water

Jon’s 30th

Calvin came to visit for Jon’s 30th. Alison had a great time seeing Uncle Calvin again.

IMG_8743 - Version 2

We took the ferry from Oakland to the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It was Alison’s first time on a boat!

IMG_8763 - Version 2

We had a 10 course Chinese banquet meal and birthday cake to finish the day.

Make a wish!

jon30th-6 - Version 2