18 Months

Alison is now 1.5 years old! She has grown so much in the past 6 months! We last measured her height when she turned 1 year old.



  • Car rides & staring out the window
  • Going to the park – especially playing on the swing
  • Being helpful – like helping daddy assemble her new toddler bed

IMG_0845 - Version 2

We made some changes to her room. It’s now more like a kids room than a nursery.



  • Dancing – she swings her arms up and down and wiggles her hips
  • More independence – she wants to do things herself (i.e. holding a spoon during dinner, wiping her mouth with a napkin)
  • Playing pretend – making pie, having a tea and cake party
  • Asks for us to sing songs to her (“happy”, “spider”, “star”, “row row”)
  • Likes watching us draw stars, hearst, bumble bees, and happy faces
  • Able to recognize many body parts, letters, and numbers
  • Able to pronounce many words (bumble bee, uncle, auntie, please “peez”, star “dar”, I know, yellow “yew wow”, poo poo, happy, shoe, teacher)

DIFFICULTIES we are facing

  • Temper tantrums – when she doesn’t get her way
  • Little miss bossy pants – tells us when there is a mess on the floor. Just points to it and says “oh no” and wants us to clean up.


  • Holding bunny in her arms while wearing pajamas
  • Her love-at-first-sight attachment with doggie at IKEA
  • Calling out “ma ma” from across the room just to get my attention
  • Splashing water around during bath time
  • Hugs and kisses

Carmel – Monterey Trip

Our annual trip to Carmel and Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a bit windy when we arrived at the beach and Alison didn’t want us to let go of her. She felt most comfortable on daddy’s shoulder.


We met up with Alison’s friend. It was their first playdate away from home.


We stayed overnight at a lovely home in Monterey – Alison and her friend had a lot of fun feeding the squirrels and birds in the backyard! Here is Alison lounging in front of the outdoor fireplace.


Then we were off to explore Monterey Bay Aquarium. Alison had a great time there – she even saw a rainbow!