Katelyn at 3 months

At 3 months, Katelyn sleeps well through the night. She wakes up once for diaper change and feeding, and she goes immediately back to sleep (YES!). She is, however, picky about where she sleeps – she does not like to sleep in our bed at night, and prefers her crib. She used to like sleeping in her swing during the daytime, but now she prefers sleeping on the floor. In contrast, Alison loved to sleep in our bed all the time, and did not like her crib.

Katelyn’sĀ hair is getting longer, and it is starting to tickle Jon’s neck and ears when he holds her.


Katelyn met her great grandparents recently.



Other milestones:

  • can hold her head up steadily during tummy time
  • no longer angry all the time – she coos and smiles at us mostly
  • has a strong grip – she likes to grab my hair and not let go
  • stares at her fists
  • “talks” to herself in the mirror


  • does not like feeding from the bottle
  • spits up

Alison has been an amazing big sister. She loves to be around Katelyn, and is very protective of her when other kids are around. She helps with diaper changes, cheers up Katelyn when she cries by showing off her toys, “helps” push Katelyn’s stroller, and is generally very affectionate towards “mei mei”.


I look forward to the day they can play and laugh together… and even share…

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