Katelyn at 4 months

Katelyn is growing up! She smiles at everyone (including the nurse and doctor during her wellness visit), and makes bubbles from her mouth when she babbles. She is very mellow during the day. (Nighttime is an entirely different story.)


Katelyn is starting to explore her surroundings. She turns her head to follow moving objects, she likes to grab and pull Kathy’s hair, and she can flip over from her tummy and back.


Other developments: 

  • likes to suck on her hands
  • laughs when we tickle her chin
  • is able to grab her feet
  • drooling
  • likes to sleep in her crib!

Tilden Park

We spent the weekend in Berkeley Hills and stayed overnight at an Airbnb home.


Katelyn was very excited. So much new furniture to look at!


We took the girls to the Little Farm at Tilden Regional Park to feed the animals.


Alison had a blast!


We also rode on a steam train, ate at our favorite Taiwanese restaurant in Oakland, and enjoyed the view overlooking the bay. It was a great weekend.