Katelyn at 6 months

Katelyn is 6 months!



  • rolls around the floor
  • opens and closes her hands; makes a fist
  • can sit up with help
  • 2 bottom teeth have come out
  • babbles
  • can pick up objects by “raking” them with her fingers
  • great crib sleeper at school


  • whimpers when she is sick
  • wiggles around
  • tickles Uncle Berwie with her feet every time he holds her


  • storytime at the bookstore


  • teething – Katelyn is waking up every 2 hours at night
  • separation anxiety
  • sick – Katelyn has been sick 3 times already. Which means, Alison also got sick. Having 2 sick kids is not fun
  • likes to grab her feet and puts it in her mouth