21 months

Alison is more affectionate, and we are cherishing every moment! She offers hugs and kisses, she likes to cuddle with daddy, she likes to sit on mommy’s lap during story time, and she likes to have both mommy and daddy hold her hand while walking on the street.

Alison is aware she is growing up. She wants to mimic us. Here’s her daddy impression:


And here’s her mommy impression:


She is more playful with her stuffed animals. She likes to give her doggie lots of hugs, put her bunny to bed, and offer her milk/water to all her stuffed animals (Eeyore, doggie, horse, alligator, etc.)


We are noticing that Alison is becoming a little hoarder. She likes to collect many items and stash them in her bag, her bed, her toy bee hamper, or her tent.


Alison wants to be helpful – she likes putting utensils away, doesn’t mind scrubbing the floor, and also likes to clean up her room when we ask her to. Hopefully this trend will continue as she gets older!


She is speaking in 2-3 word sentences:

  • “Daddy’s home” – her first full sentence!
  • “Play here”
  • “Sit down”
  • “More please”
  • “Help mommy” (or daddy)
  • “Thank you daddy”
  • “I wuw weew” (which means I love you)


  • Alison singing her song “aah… ooh… mey… eee”
  • Counting trees during car rides “2…3…4.. 3…4…”
  • Playing “hide” and peek-a-boo
  • Puts on her red sunglasses and says “cool”



  • Says “baby”, which means she is asking for us to cradle her like a baby
  • Asks us to read a book with her – the same book, 5 times in a row
  • Prefers white colored shoes
  • Can count to 4, but omits 1
  • Likes to sit in daddy’s chair and bang on the keyboard
  • Says “yucky” and “ewwie”
  • Asks us to draw things shapes or animals with soap on the washcloth at bathtime (something that mommy started)


DIFFICULTIES we are facing

  • Meals are very messy – food ends up on her clothes, on her hair, and on the floor
  • Teaching her to say “sorry” when she does something wrong
  • Keeps taking off her shoes – so often that she lost her shoes at school


Spring Excursions: Gilroy Gardens, Airbnb, Big Draw, Soccer

We took Alison to Gilroy Gardens, an amusement park for little kids. This was Alison’s first solo ride!


She had a lot of fun visiting daddy at work. Crayons and playdoh can keep her busy.


They even let her draw on the floor..


Over the weekend, she enjoyed playing on a decorated piano with daddy at the local farmers market.


Daddy also taught her how to kick a ball.