My parents came to visit us over Thanksgiving weekend. We went around San Francisco doing the typical touristy stuff.

First stop: Chinatown.

Then Lombard Street…

… and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Actually, we were just at Fisherman’s Wharf, but you could see the bridge from there.

Some people were trapping crabs on the pier when a seal started stealing the bait from the traps. Fortunately, they had already made a decent catch before the seal showed up.

The next day, we visited Berkeley. My dad is alumni, but he hasn’t been back in almost 40 years!

Commencement at Berkeley

It’s graduation season! We went to Berkeley to celebrate with my brother, and also to help him move out of his dorm room. My parents were excited to see him again, and they were probably more excited to have him move back closer to home. Congrats, little brother!