Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, Kathy suggested we take my car out to Livermore. We had lunch at a winery out there, then took a twisty little road through the wind farms on our way back.

Dublin Car Show

A coworker invited me to the Dublin Car Show for a photo outing this weekend. The weather was hot and sunny, about 90°. I must have adjusted to the Bay Area climate, because I was dying in the heat. (Back in SoCal, 90° was a pretty normal day.)

Despite the heat, there were quite a few people there — enough to clutter most of my full-car shots. So I mostly took shots of details like emblems and wheels.

There was a bright yellow vintage Z there that was pretty interesting. Even though the car itself was old, most of the parts on it were new.

There were a lot of classic cars at the show. I have seen cars like these in movies and museums, but rarely up close.

Seattle Trip

I went to visit my friends in Seattle this Labor Day. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

The view from the Smith Tower observation deck:

These two were taken from inside the Seattle Library:

Oh, and I got to drive my friend’s Lotus. 🙂