Flower District

It’s finally September! The countdown can begin – we will be getting married in about a year from now!

As planned, we have been browsing wedding blogs at September weddings to look for flower decoration ideas. Okay, its Kathy who is actually doing this!
J suggested we should go to the flower district to look at what kinds of flowers and what flowers are available around September.

Since Kathy is currently interning at downtown LA, she stopped by the flower district at 6am one morning to take a look around – its quite overwhelming! There were flowers everywhere – peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, lisianthus, and more! Having no experience with flower arrangements, we had no idea what to do. Perhaps we can use hydrangeas (pictured below) for Kathy’s bouquet?

10 - flower01

Two weeks later, J offered to show us around the flower district. To Kathy’s surprise (and somewhat disappointment), the flowers changed! Who knew two weeks was enough time to have vendors change the types of flowers (and the colors) they were selling. The types of flowers being sold were different, and the flowers have become more richer and darker in color. The light purple hydrangeas were nowhere to be found – instead, I saw a bunch of these fuschia hydrangeas…

10 - flower02

We purchased some flowers and spent the afternoon with Jennifer to see what we can do with the flowers. It was a pretty interesting afternoon that involved curry, being poked in the finger from the flowers, and visiting J’s neighbor.

In the end, Jennifer made these beautiful arrangements for us!

10 - flowertrial15

Lessons learned:
-We really wanted to use hydrangeas, but our trial run showed us that it does not do well in warm September weather – the flowers wilted before the end of the day!
-We will have to choose flowers that are more sturdy.
-We are not sure what types of flowers or flower colors will be available in September next year – it really depends on the weather. So, we will be open minded about the flowers on wedding day.