LA Photo Outing

We met a fellow photography enthusiast at my cousin’s wedding who invited us to a casual photo outing in LA. It was a good opportunity to get more familiar with the 5D, practice my photography, and meet new friends.

After shooting a wedding where speed is critical to get the shot, it was nice to be able to take my time and really think about the picture before I shoot. Or if it didn’t come out the way I intended, try again. I took this photo about four or five times before I finally got it to look the way I had pictured it in my head.

I like this one too, but it was all luck. We passed these skateboarders as we were walking down the street. They were sitting down, not really skateboarding, so I looked up at the building and started to frame the shot. As I was doing it, I saw out of the corner of my eye that the skateboarders were getting back up, and that one was going to pass through my frame. So I finished framing, then waited a second or two, and when he passed, I snapped the picture.

Two Halves Make a Whole!

My mom ran two half marathons this year – the Chinatown Firecracker Run in February and the Laguna Hills Half Marathon in May. Of course, as her wonderful, loving son, I went to support her and take photos. 😉

I don’t think she’s in this one… she started toward the back.

Here she is in Laguna Hills.