Carmel – Monterey Trip

Our annual trip to Carmel and Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a bit windy when we arrived at the beach and Alison didn’t want us to let go of her. She felt most comfortable on daddy’s shoulder.


We met up with Alison’s friend. It was their first playdate away from home.


We stayed overnight at a lovely home in Monterey – Alison and her friend had a lot of fun feeding the squirrels and birds in the backyard! Here is Alison lounging in front of the outdoor fireplace.


Then we were off to explore Monterey Bay Aquarium. Alison had a great time there – she even saw a rainbow!


One Year Anniversary

A year sure goes by fast. For our first anniversary, Kathy and I went to Monterey. Kathy had never been to the aquarium there, and I barely remembered my trip as a child many years ago. Our timing was perfect — Cannery row was relatively uncrowded and we got upgraded to an awesome hotel suite with an ocean view.

The aquarium was even bigger than I remembered it, and they had some really creative exhibits. Some of the tanks were several floors tall!

Overall, it was a very romantic and relaxing weekend. Happy anniversary, Kathy!