We took a small vacation to Napa and stayed at an Airbnb host’s guest house on a vineyard. Alison is too young for wine tasting, so we spent the afternoon strolling through their vineyard.

IMG_8014 - Version 2

Our host also keeps chickens. Alison laughed and giggled when she saw the chickens eating corn!

Alison’s not walking yet, so she only has one pair of shoes. They’re from a wedding outfit she wore a few weeks ago. They can look a little out of place sometimes. We’ve tentatively titled this photo: “City girl meets Country”

IMG_7986 - Version 2

We took this family photo inside the guest house. Alison had fun crawling around the bed.

IMG_7917 - Version 2

Wine and cheese at the vineyard, fresh eggs for breakfast, and a trampoline made it a nice adult vacation too!

Napa Valley

My parents were in town, and we went to visit Napa. It was a beautiful day!

Walking through the vineyards…