6 months

Our squealing, babbling little one is 6 months old! This month was filled with new experiences.

IMG_6086 - Version 2

We are starting to introduce her to different types of food… carrots, pears, avocados, bananas, and peas. She is not ready to sit in a highchair yet, so we just hold her on our lap. She likes to eat from the spoon, so airplane noises are not necessary, but Daddy makes them anyway sometimes just for fun. She likes to “talk”, stick out her tongue, or put her hand in her mouth after taking a mouthful of food, so dinnertime can get quite messy!

IMG_1395 - Version 2

We went to check out the Star Wars exhibit at The Tech. Alison met Darth Vader!

IMG_5979 - Version 2

We also took her to the beach for the first time. She’s a bit too young to be able to play in the sand, so we spent our time there walking around, watching the waves, and listening to seagulls as they flew by.

IMG_6049 - Version 2

IMG_6011 - Version 2

We also went to the aquarium. She was so fascinated…

IMG_6117 - Version 2

Here she is trying to touch a seahorse!

IMG_6151 - Version 2

Other milestones:

  • She is a little “petri dish” – Jon was sick for a whole week after she got sick for the first time, then she got Jon sick again the following week
  • Can sit upright with help
  • Doing the “combat crawl” – she uses her arms to pull her body forwards
  • Likes to “hop” up the stairs with our help
  • Likes to touch our face – especially our nose
  • Tissue paper is her favorite new toy


Valentine’s Day

Dear Alison,

Happy 1st Valentine’s Day. This is a special time of year where we take a moment to appreciate everyone we love. You are 5 months old, and I hope you are able to recognize how much mommy and daddy love you.

You have been sick for the past 2 days with a fever, and you are having difficulty breathing because of your runny nose and cough. Mommy has been up all night checking your temperature while you are sleeping. Daddy took the day off from work and is spending the day by your side. We have been constantly wiping your nose and keeping you clean despite being covered in vomit ourselves. It breaks our heart to see you like this.

20140215_185716 - Version 2

This is the first time you are sick, and you are trying your best to be your happy self. You continue to smile, and your big brown eyes still sparkle when you look at us. You do not ask for much. You barely cry these days even though we know you are not feeling well. We are giving you lots of hugs and kisses. I hope you feel safe and loved.


Mommy and Daddy