One Year Anniversary

A year sure goes by fast. For our first anniversary, Kathy and I went to Monterey. Kathy had never been to the aquarium there, and I barely remembered my trip as a child many years ago. Our timing was perfect — Cannery row was relatively uncrowded and we got upgraded to an awesome hotel suite with an ocean view.

The aquarium was even bigger than I remembered it, and they had some really creative exhibits. Some of the tanks were several floors tall!

Overall, it was a very romantic and relaxing weekend. Happy anniversary, Kathy!

St. Louis Trip

Since we were in town for a wedding, we went sightseeing with a few friends.

On the day of the wedding, we went to get root beer floats before the reception. It was the perfect summer treat!

My favorite spot was the City Museum, a really cool jungle gym. Highlights include: human slinkies, a life-sized whale, a tree house, an aquarium, cave tunnels, 10-story spiral slide, ferris wheel on the roof, school bus hanging off the edge of the roof, giant rope swing, dodge ball pit, and 2 aircrafts suspended high in the air. It was fun! =)

The last two pictures in the set were captured from a friend’s camera.

Napa Valley

My parents were in town, and we went to visit Napa. It was a beautiful day!

Walking through the vineyards…